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Appointments in Gettysburg, PA:

  • New Patients 

  • Established patients 

  • Scheduled routine Follow -Up

  • Same day/Walk-in visits (call before  visit)

  • Follow-up hospitalization (Transition of care)

  • Schedule for minor procedures or tests

  • Nurse Visits, for questions or injections, or minor procedures

  • Annual physical (bring medication list, previous physician name/number, past medical/surgical history, labs, or imaging).

Minor Procedures:

By definition, minor surgeries are surgeries performed without general anesthesia or respiratory assistance. Most will be performed using an injected anesthetic or topical to the site of the procedure.

  • Incision and drainage of abscess, or other infections.

  • Ingrown Toenail removal.

  • Laceration repairs-suturing and /or removal of sutures/staples 

  • Foreign body removal.

  • Skin mole removal.

  • Knee and shoulder intra-articular injections/arthrocentesis-with 

          injection of steroids

Nonsurgical procedures:

  • EKG/electrocardiogram

  • Spirometry with and /or without bronchodilators

  • Audiometry - screening

  • Vision screening

  • intramuscular or subcutaneous injections

  • Pulse Oximetry at rest and walking oximetry

Point of care:

  • FLU Test - diagnosis in 30 min

  • COVID-19 antigen(rapid test) -mostly screening - Veritor BD plus machine available in 30 min

  • COVID-19 PCR(results in 24 -48hr) - for traveling and sometimes to       confirm the diagnosis

  • Urinalysis - diagnosed in 20 min - Uri spec Plus

  • Coumadin/Warfarin - PT/INR monitoring --diagnosed in 20 min

  • Hemoglobin A1c - diagnosed and follow up for Diabetes Mellitus-     diagnosed in 20 min

  • Hem occult -screening for colon cancer

  • Pregnancy test

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